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It’s all about the people. Be it our valued clients, partners or team – it’s their expertise, passion and experience that make us who we are. They constitute an important part of the fabric that is Al Gharib law firm and give us the edge to create value in what we offer. No legal challenge is insurmountable. Al Gharib has a diverse team, with cumulative experience and expertise across practice areas, and comprise of internationally and locally trained lawyers – this ensures that we apply global best practices with local expertise and insights to manage the full spectrum of legal services required by our clients. With more than 30 people, our backgrounds, nationalities, may vary, but we speak the same language: the language of law and share the same legal DNA. Harnessing this common denominator has set us apart in the past 15 years, and made us the legal partner of choice. Our company’s philosophy is simple – when we help our clients succeed, we succeed
Mukhtar Gharib
Founder & Managing Partner, Senior Advocate
Abdulmotleb Ali Ahmed
Senior Advocate & Legal Advisor
Adil Sirelkhatim Mohamed
Senior Legal Adviser
Hussain Binrasheed
Partner Abu Dhabi Office & Advocate
Tayeb Hassabo
Senior Legal Consultant
Ahmed Ramo Rajoub
Legal Adviser (Public Law)
Mohammed Al Farsi
Partner Abu Dhabi Office & Advocate
Majeeda Gharib
Managing Director (Abu Dhabi Office)
Ahmed Almahi
Legal Adviser
Osama Ombada
Legal Advisor
Azhari Traifi
Azhari Traifi
Advocate (Aztan Law Firm)
Basem Adel
Maridel Palomares
Accountant & Secretary
Sara Elamin
Executive Secretary
Zahra Bacher
Receptionist, Executive Assistant
Alyssa Asuncion
Receptionist & Secretary
Mai Tarraf
Receptionist & Secretary