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Majeeda Gharib
Managing Director (Abu Dhabi Office)
Managing Director (Abu Dhabi Office)
Managing Director (Abu Dhabi Office)

Majeda Gharib

Majeda Gharib, as the Managing Director Al Gharib & Partners LLC, brings five years of comprehensive experience in office management to her leadership role. Fluent in Arabic and English, with a burgeoning proficiency in Russian, Majida adeptly navigates the complexities of cross-cultural communication.

Her commitment to community welfare is evident through her active involvement in volunteering initiatives and her regular attendance at international conferences. Notably, Majida is not only a participant but also a sought-after speaker at these gatherings, where she shares insights and perspectives garnered from her diverse experiences.

A graduate of the University of Auckland with a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences, Majida possesses a multifaceted educational background that enriches her approach to management. Her tenure abroad has cultivated qualities of adaptability and cultural empathy, shaping her into a resilient and globally-minded leader.

At Al Gharib & Partners LLC, Majeda's leadership is characterized by integrity, dedication to excellence, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. Under her guidance, the firm continues to thrive, maintaining operational efficiency and delivering exceptional service to clients worldwide.