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Ahmed Ramo Rajoub
Senior Advocate Founder & Managing Partner
Senior Advocate Founder & Managing Partner
Legal Adviser (Public Law)

Ahmed Ramo Rajoub

Dr. Ahmad Alrajoub founded and directed the Legal Consultant Office in Aleppo. In 1997, he began his legal career as a trainee. His work experience spans two decades and he mentored a group of lawyers until 2013. Dr Ahmad has also participated in extensive, specialized training conducted by the Arab Institute for Conciliation, Arbitration and Alternative Settlements in Amman, Jordan; Aleppo Chamber of Commerce, Islamic International Center for Reconciliation and Arbitration and is familiar with all its aspects from an Islamic perspective, judgments on Islamic financial contracts and commercial arbitration generally.
Dr.Ahmad Alrajoub holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from the University of Aleppo and has been a member of the Bar Association of Lawyers in Aleppo, Syria, since 1997. With over 20 years of experience in General Law, he has consistently demonstrated a thorough understanding of legal complexities. He earned his Master's and Doctorate degrees in international commercial arbitration from the British University. In his role as Legal Adviser for Al Gharib Law Firm, Dr Ahmad Alrajoub provides excellent legal advice and strategic guidance. In addition to delivering precise and effective legal solutions, he plays an important role in protecting business interests.
  • Lawyer - Bar Association of the Syrian Arab Republic / Aleppo Branch, all courts.
  • Legal Consultant - Licensed by the Department of Legal Affairs of the Government of Dubai.
  • By Al Gharib & Partners Advocates & Legal Consultants L.L.C - Dubai
  • Specializes in family law cases and Islamic financial disputes before courts and arbitration.
  • Registered in many commercial arbitration centres.
  • Member of the Islamic Economics Club at Kuwait University.
  • Member of the Jurists Association / Aleppo - Syria.
  • Member of the International Institute for Computing the Qur'an and Islamic Sciences.
  • Author of the book “Custody Provisions in Arab and Foreign Laws.”
  • Proactive and Active Researcher on the Arid platform for Arabic speakers.
  • Upcoming book: "The Commercial Arbitration System in the Emirate of Dubai - United Arab Emirates".
  • English
  • Arabic