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Mr. Mukhtar Gharib
Mukhtar Gharib

The past few decades, our home the UAE, has undergone rapid changes.

Changes that were hard to imagine, changes against all odds and changes for greater good.

All this in a country where the extraordinary is deemed ordinary, and excellence is the norm.

Despite the changing face of the UAE, one legacy remains unchanged and all its progress has never overshadowed the principles of the law. A legal system founded on the cornerstones of fairness, independence, equality and neutrality based on a fair and robust framework, continues to reign supreme, enduring that every citizen and every corporate enjoys equal rights. I believe the country’s success is much owed to this supremacy of the rule of law.

It’s the same foundation laid by our visionary leaders that has served Al Gharib Law Firm. We salute the pioneers for creating a just and upright legal system and pledges to practice the principles they have preserved for posterity

Over the past 15 years, we have helped thousands of clients navigate a constantly changing and challenging market. We have done this by embracing new ideas, trends, to give our clients confidence and an edge in uncertain times.

Our focus, professionalism, and passion to empower our clients has set us apart. As a firm, we can practice local law, offer extensive practice areas, cross-border legal services and ensure every client need, big or small, simple or complex, is taken care of.

We don’t just consult – we develop partner relationships so we can help clients in their journey ahead, wherever their life or work takes them.

Our strength is our people, be it our clients who trust us for positive outcomes or our team and their experience and local knowledge or or our partners who complement us in terms of reach.

Today, as one of the most reputed law firms in the UAE, we are as excited as we were when we started 15 years ago. Our journey has just begun and our learning is ongoing…

We look forwarding to meeting you…

Mukhtar Gharib
Senior Advocate, Managing Partner